Celebrating 40 years of satisfying my clients’ estate needs 

“Hark gives us dependable,  gentle and considerate support for all our estate-related matters"
George & Laurie Ladner, Azusa, CA                

“Since Arnold died, Hark has helped me and the children deal with the numerous estate and
property issues that have cropped-up. He made a big effort to make sure that I wouldn’t be leaving my
children with the mountain of problems that Arnold had created. The collaborative
“family summit conference” process he uses with large families like mine, changed the way my
children and I relate to one another.   I am most grateful."
Rosemary Trujillo, Pico Rivera, CA                


  • Simple "Slim-Line" trusts and wills for one-visit estate planning
    (Allow up to four hours for the office conference for complete estate planning)
  • Family Summit Conferences to address "big" family problems
  • 2 Mediator Mediation for major marital and parent-adult child disputes
  • Modification of trusts and wills under difficult circumstances
  • Counseling and estate planning for Registered Domestic Partners
    and couples married under California's Confidential Marriage law
  • Specialty Trusts for families with dysfunctional family members, including
    planning for children with addictive personality disorders.
  • Special Needs Trusts for families with developmentally challenged members
  • Permissive Donee and Specialized "Sprinkling" Trusts
  • Annuitized gift alternative to long-term post death trust administration
  • Customized planning for collectors, archivists, historians and genealogists
  • Imaginative estate-splitting trusts and wills for death tax-sensitive estates

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